Welcome to Hoppify

Welcome to Hoppify, a peer-to-peer rental site that gives travelers a chance to see the world from the home of a local. Through last-minute bidding, hosts win by maximizing their occupancy rate, and renters win by finding the lowest rates. Hopping from city to city […]

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Casa Capitan: Majorca, Spain

I first became aware of the island of Majorca in the late 2000s while I was watching a tennis match featuring one of the sport’s greatest athletes, Rafael Nadal. Now, it’s on the list of top places I want to visit. The town of Palma sits […]

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Country Spotlight: Croatia

According to the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, the warmer months of June through September see the highest tourist arrivals to Croatia, with tourist arrivals peaking in July. More recently, tourism in the country has exploded not only because of the numerous UNESCO world heritage sites […]

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