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Picture Perfect: How to Take Attention-Grabbing Listing Photos

A picture is worth a thousand– yeah, yeah, you know the cliché. But the visual is the first thing that will reel in the attention of a potential Hoppify guest, so let those listing photos speak volumes. Here are some tips on how to nail those pics:

Let the Sun Shine: Any pro photographer will tell you that lighting is (almost) everything. Turn up all lights, open curtains, and take your photos in the daytime when there’s a good amount of light coming into your home. Try not to shoot directly focused at a window.


Work Your Angle: If you live in a big city, chances are you’re offering a small room, which can be hard to fully capture in a photograph or two. Try getting up on a chair in the corner of the room and using a wide-angle camera lens, if you have it (GoPros work, too!). Photographers believe in the “rule of thirds,” which is most visually appealing. Experiment with some crafty angles, like shooting into a corner rather than head-on where you can get more depth and add other visually stimulating accoutrements in the shot.


Cleanliness is Next to Godliness: Picture day should be the cleanest your space has ever been. Just like when you were in third grade, and your mom took you to get a haircut and a new shirt the night before the school photographer came in, your space should be dusted, mopped, removed of clutter, and generally be its ideal self. An immaculately made bed and folded towels would prove a nice touch. Maybe even throw in a vase of flowers!


Play to Your Strengths: What’s unique or exciting about your space? Do you have a balcony with a view? Then take a picture of the balcony– AND the view! A wall of signed records? A gorgeous antique leather fainting chaise lounge? Anything you’re offering up for guests to enjoy, they should see before arrival to get excited about it. If you’re allowing use of your kitchen’s fine Italian espresso machine, snap a pic of that to rev up fellow gourmands! (If it’s off-limits to guests, then… don’t.)


The Great Outdoors: Local hotspots within walking distance from your pad are also luring points for savvy travelers. If you’re near an iconic street, a noteworthy landmark, or just a plain-old pretty neighborhood, add some pictures of that. (The hour before the sun sets is known as the “magic hour” for outdoor photography!)


Power in Numbers: You could order your photos from most important or appealing first, or arranged how the guest would first encounter the space, so they could better make sense of your home’s layout in their mind. A couple of photos of a dynamic or hard-to-capture space is great, but don’t overdo it with repeats– variety is key.


Using these tips should ensure that you get the most mileage of your Hoppify listing, as guests will be engaged by the dynamic and beautiful pictures that they see, and start getting excited to make your spot their first stop on a wonderful getaway!

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