You’re Ready to Host When You Answer “Yes” to the Following Questions

woman home

If you can affirmatively check off each of these points, you are well on your way to becoming a Hoppify Host with the Most!

Are You Comfortable Around Strangers?

If your mother’s words are still ringing in your ears, “Don’t accept candy from strangers!” or if you word-associate “stranger” with “danger”– you should probably not host guests in the home that you live in. An ideal host is warm and welcoming, and remembers that while Hoppify is safe (we do ID verification through a third-party vendor), a host should still use his or her best social intelligence in dealing with strangers– or, should we say, “friends you haven’t met yet.” Of course, renting out a separate unit (if your municipality allows this) would be a fine idea for those not yet comfortable with the idea of sharing their more-immediate living quarters.

Are You Communicative and Organized?

Hosting will require you to make plans with people who are relying on you for their big vacation, important business trip, labradoodle convention, etc. How would you feel if you landed in a foreign country only to discover that your host wasn’t responding to any of your WhatsApp messages? Cancelling on your guests last-minute, or being MIA to their arrival calls, will mean bad reviews, or at the very least, a bad taste in the mouth of a guest trying to enjoy your home city. Keeping a fastidious schedule and having accessible communication lines will give you a long-term advantage over those flaky, less-professional hosts.

Do You Have the Time and Space to Commit to Hosting?

Similar to the above tip, having the time to commit to hosting is important as you take on this lifestyle change. It’s like having a second job– but one which requires you to open parts of your home and life to newcomers, day in and day out, and be there for guests when they need it. And compassionate helpers fare best in this gig! Likewise, you need to make sure that the space and resources you are offering are suitable for visitors. Don’t advertise a grand chalet and serve a leaky basement closet with a futon shoved inside!

Are You Flexible and Courteous?

Flexibility, or the willingness to handle changing circumstances tactfully, is a beautiful trait for a host to have. A gracious host knows to adapt to a guest’s needs or changed flights, without compromising on non-negotiable limits. For example: ever known someone with a life-threatening allergy? How important might it be to put that person’s mind at rest with assurances that your home can stay peanut-free for the duration of their stay? Respecting unfamiliar lifestyles or customs is the key to courtesy. Putting yourself in a guest’s shoes will help you appreciate how your hospitality reflects on a guest’s sense of safety and comfort away from the familiar.

Are You Prepared with Supplies?

You’d be a little surprised to walk into a hotel to find no sheets, towels, or soap, right? Treat your Hoppify space like a fine hotel, and provide the basics for guests to settle into. Is there enough room for them to store clothes/suitcases? If it’s a shared kitchen/bathroom situation, are you keeping everything in tip-top shape? Be ready to re-stock essentials at a moment’s notice– especially toilet paper! Additional courtesy toiletries wouldn’t hurt, either. Having emergency cleaning supplies around like stain removers, carpet cleaners, and mops will prepare you for the inevitable accident or two. (See our previous blog post for more of these tips!)

Are You Not a Terrible Person?

You are going to meet all kinds of new people as a host. Congratulations– the world just got a little smaller as you make new buddies who will introduce you to their favorite restaurants once you make it over to their part of the world! But if you have any biases against people of different races, religions, sexual orientations, or anything else– you officially fail as a human and really shouldn’t be hosting other humans. Hoppify for All!

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