How to Problem-Solve like a Hoppify Champ

Hosting your home with Hoppify can be a truly rewarding experience for the budding entrepreneur. But what if something not-so-great happens during your months of making moolah? The best way to resolve a problem is to avoid it in the first place—so here, we give you some tips on how to steer clear of potentially problematic guests. On the extremely rare occasion that a sticky situation crops up for you, we also lay out the steps you should take on how to handle it.

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Something About Their Profile Seems Off

You know how Hoppify prompts you to upload a profile pic? Do that, please, for real. Including false details about yourself is mad sketchy, and Hoppify forbids falsification of personal records for accountability reasons between hosts and guests. That said, if a drunken frat-boy pic is how a potential guest chooses to present himself, then take that as a sign of how “professionally” he might handle your property as well. Look through past reviews written about or by a prospective guest—if he has only berating things to say about each stay, chances are he may not be kind to your place, either, hurting your overall ratings in turn.

Something About Their Messaging Seems Off

Weird communication red flags and rudeness of any kind also need not be tolerated by you—just pass on anyone who rubs you the wrong way at the outset. It’s not worth the future headache! (Language barriers when dealing with foreign travellers should be more easily forgiven.)

Something About an Offer You Can’t Refuse

This is an extremely remote possibility: but maybe someone wants to offer you a better rate in cash or some other perks off-the-books. Be cautioned that if you accept, with anything that happens from then on, you are on your own! You may as well just be taking in some guy off the street. And you wouldn’t want to do that.

Something Needs Sweeping

Yikes—the the guest has left a bit of a mess behind! Take pics, and you can get reimbursed for damages or additional cleaning costs incurred! Hoppify takes a security deposit from guests upon booking, as predetermined by the host, so that’s a win!

Something Else You Should Know

You know, Hoppify’s competitors may claim to have a million dollars in insurance policies that come attached to your doing business with them; but in reality it’s virtually impossible to collect. They’ll say they offer xyz but make you jump through hoops for it, and you’ll never be able to see that money. On the other hand, Hoppify recommends that individual hosts have their own basic (cheap and actually effective) renter’s insurance—stay tuned for news with our rental affiliates for more on this!

To bring this post home, here’s what we recommend:


If you encounter any issues that make you uncomfortable, just cease the booking process or cancel on the spot. Prior to access, when you hand over your keys, that’s the moment of final assessment.


If you receive a complaint by other tenants of the building, you may also terminate the stay at any time.


Assess how the guest left the place; if there’s any issue, take pics and tell on them to Hoppify. (We won’t even call you a tattletale.) Don’t forget to write reviews on guests, so future hosts around the world pick all the perfect people!

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