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Navigating Your Way in a New Country

Traveling to new places is exciting and fun, but navigating your way through an unknown territory can be intimidating especially when you don’t speak the local language.

We’re growing rapidly at Hoppify and we’re continually adding new properties in tourist hot spots all over the world. We now have vacation rentals in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Japan to name a few countries in Asia.



We’re so thrilled to discover Ash’s travel blog with lots of valuable advice and insights about traveling in Asia. Her posts about traveling from the airport to your lodging is a must read. She has written about six major travel hubs in Asia, and we reprinted two of them on the Hoppify blog (with the author’s permission).

From Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) to Kuta, Bali

We arrived at the Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport  (DPS) in Bali at past 9PM on a Friday (note: no time difference between Manila and Bali) and were stunned by the very long queues at the immigration counters. “Ohhhh, it’s going to be a long night,” we thought, not sure though whether this is the usual situation in the international arrival area of the airport.

By the time we got out of the baggage claim area (past 11 PM), the official taxi counter, where you are supposed to buy the taxi coupon, was already closed. Note, however, that we were at the low cost carrier terminal (LCCT), hence, not sure how the situation is at the main terminal of the airport. We then proceeded further in the 1st floor of the arrival hall where we were greeted by the numerous taxi drivers and our haggling skills (and stress level) were put to test! Thus, I learned that it is better to plan for an earlier flight going to Bali.


From the DPS airport to Kuta via Taxi

Based on my research, taxi fare from the airport to Kuta area would only cost around IDR50,000, but it was really late, we were tired and we were able close the deal with the taxi driver at IDR90,000.


Reminder for outgoing flight from Bali

For international departure via the Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport , one must pay the departure tax worth IDR150,000 (rate as of our travel, April 2014). This is a separate fee from the airline ticket, so be ready with this amount after checking in for your flight.

How to travel from Osaka’s Kansai International Airport (KIX) to the City proper

Osaka is one of the cheaper alternative entry points in coming to Japan (instead of via Tokyo) through the Kansai International Airport (KIX) .  There are direct flights here from Manila (about 4 hours) via Jetstar or Cebu Pacific. The airport has two terminals and the Kansai Airport Information Desk is located at the 2nd floor of Terminal 1.

The “ICOCA” IC Card

If you’re traveling to Japan, it is highly recommended to buy an IC card to conveniently ride trains, buses or taxi, as they are rechargeable prepaid cards so you can easily pay fares by just tapping the IC Card on the card readers. Plus, you can also use them in buying drinks at vending machines.

There are various types of IC Cards issued all over Japan. Most travellers will opt to buy the available IC card at the first city in Japan that they set foot on. So if you’re entering Japan via Osaka, you need to buy the ICOCA Card. The IC Cards in Japan are compatible so you can use the ICOCA Card in riding public transports not only within Osaka but also all over Japan.

From Kansai Airport to Central Osaka

There are several options to transfer from Kansai Airport to central Osaka, which you can initially check using Hyperdia. From the airport, you can take any of the following options depending on your budget for time and money, or depending on your hotel location. Here are my recommendations (by order of personal preference):


 (1) Via the Limited Express Haruka

The Haruka provides direct travel from:

  • Kansai Airport to Tennoji Station for 30 mins; or
  • Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka Station for 50 mins.

For foreign tourists (those issued with a temporary visa), you can buy the “ICOCA & HARUKA” ticket at the Kansai Airport, which already includes the ICOCA Card and discounted Haruka ticket that will cost:

  • 3,100 Yen (Kansai Airport to Tennoji Station); or
  • 3,300 Yen (Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka Station).

But, wait, there is more! If you already have an ICOCA Card, you can buy the Haruka discounted ticket for only:

  • 1,100 Yen bound for Tennoji;
  • 2,200 Yen bound for Shin-Osaka.

If you’ve purchased a JR pass, you will be happy to note that this is valid on the Haruka.


 (2) Via the JR Kansai Airport Rapid trains

The JR rapid trains provide direct travel from the Kansai Airport to:

  • Tennoji Station: 1,060 Yen for 45 mins; or
  • Osaka Station: 1,190 Yen for 65 mins.

The JR pass is also valid on the JR rapid trains


(3) Via the Nankai Electric Railways

The Nankai trains provide direct travel from Kansai Airport to Namba Station (with stops at Shin-Imamiya Station before Namba station) using either:

  • Limited Express Rapid train: 1,430 Yen for about 34 mins (reserved seating only); or
  • Airport Express: 920 Yen for about 45 mins.


(4) Via the Airport Limousine Bus

The Kansai Airport Limousine Bus  tickets may be purchased from vending machines outside the ground floor of Terminal 1 building. From Kansai Airport, the limousine bus has various drop off points, including:

  • near Osaka Station (Umeda): 1,550 Yen for about 60 mins*
  • near JR Namba Station : 1,050 Yen for about 50 mins*

 *depends on road traffic condition

Overall Verdict

If you’re entering Japan via Osaka, the best choice would be to buy the ICOCA & HARUKA ticket, otherwise, you can take the JR Airport Rapid Service trains.

Other Tips at the Kansai Airport

If you’re planning to visit the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWoHP), you can drop by the Kansai Tourist Information Center at the 1st floor of the Terminal 1 Building and so you can buy your tickets in advance.


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